Temos Murals

Welcome to Temosart.com. As you browse through each page you will find a wide range of work which includes fine art, murals, portraits and my crazy characters – the Eyebutts. By the variety of work, it may seem that I lack focus stylistically and thematically, but that’s not the case at all. I simply love to explore many points of interest. The collection of art in my website represents four bodies of work, but really there is much more where that came from. Minimizing my portfolio into four sections was actually a challenge, and in fact I plan to add more sections as this website continues to evolve.

So what’s the common ground within all my work? Simply put, my aim is to connect with my audience through realism, “user friendly” subject matter, intense color, and message. Given that life is three-dimensional, my message can range from expressing the joy and intimacy of life as evident in my music box paintings, the love of community expressed in my collaborative-based murals, the mystery of revealing the inner person through portraiture, and the message of innocence and laughter depicted by the Eyebutts. As a person of faith I hope that my audience is moved towards a direction that not only allows them to appreciate art, but more importantly allows them to move towards what it means to be good and to know Truth.